Phone Number:
+64 9 255 0196

ScopeRelocation of IT equipment from multiple Auckland sites to one central location
Project duration8 weeks
QuantityWorkstations to be removed: 1,200
Workstations to be installed: 1,400
Storage and handling of devices: 2,500
StakeholdersClient – three campuses and three different project teams
DG – Project team (5 + PM)
Shipping companies
New equipment suppliers

In 2017, our client decided to relocate their staff from three existing buildings to one central location in the city. Companies that had the capability to carry out all disassemble, assemble, shipping and storage of more than 1,200 workstations were asked to provide a business proposal. After evaluating all submitted proposals, Divers Group was selected as the successful supplier for this project.

The background

Scope of the project
  • Removal of equipment from multiple Auckland sites
  • Housing and auditing of removed equipment
  • Disposal of surplus equipment
  • Staging and asset tagging new equipment
  • Installation of re-used and new equipment into the new building as per plan phases
  • Interim moves of other locations to close out lease tails as required
  • Other IT asset related decommission services such as meeting room equipment, phones and printers

The desks for the new building were not completely assembled. The Divers Group team had to work in parallel with furniture assembly teams to coordinate each move together and make sure there was no delay or wasted resources.

The approach
  • An experienced project manager was appointed to manage the team and to make sure that all customers’ requirements were understood, documented and communicated.
  • Identification and project planning documents were developed based on the client specific requirements.
  • Project team was selected and briefed
  • Project was divided into 2 phases

First phase: Preparation

Objective: Ensure all required equipment was received and ready to deploy.

Main Tasks:

  • DG Coordinated with customer and third parties to receive all equipment into DG warehouse.
  • Asset tagging
  • Scanning and entering all equipment data into Divers Group system
  • Repackaging
  • Reporting to customer on progress
  • Plan for phase two – execution
Second phase: Project execution

Objective: Execute relocation activities


  • Divers Group managing director interviewed candidates and selected a team of 5
  • The team was briefed and provided with all necessary information
  • PM coordinated with the team to answer all pending questions
  • A detailed task for each team member was created which included reporting and escalating procedures.
  • Project executed following project schedule and plans

The Result :

There were few challenges including shortened time frames and failure to deliver critical infrastructure by third parties. However, Divers Group succeeded in completing all deliverables on time and met all pre-defined quality requirements.

Customer feedback: Divers Group performance was efficient with high quality work.