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Case Study: E-Waste

The following scenario is based on a business that has a policy to refresh its IT gear every 3 years.

In general, if the retired device is 3 years old, for every 3 extra months the reselling price will decline

For example, if you have 100 HP PC device to be retired, the approximate resale price is $300/device. However, for every 3 months after that, the device value will drop around $100.

First scenario – keep the retired device in your storage for more than 6 months:

The resale price will drop down approx. $100 and the new resale price is $200/device, the total loss is $100 X 100 device= $10,000.

The cost of storage space used in the office (occupancy cost):  approximately $900/month (average for Auckland is > $450/m2/month)

Cost of occupancy for 6 months: 6 X $900/month = $5400

Lack of control over the data security: Data security risk

Total cost for 6 months keeping the devices in your storage is approximately $15,400

Second scenario- using our solution

We can help you automate the process of identifying which IT equipment to be retired and when by using our proprietary asset management system. The main purpose of using our system is to sell your retired IT equipment on their highest possible value and to also to avoid the loss stated in the previous scenario.

Our cost:

  • Audit, remove identification, data wipe and scan equipment asset tags/SN in our asset management system: $30/device
  • Freight (Auckland metro): $300 (for 100 device)
  • Resale of your equipment (include our 2 weeks warranty to buyers): Free
  • Our asset management system*: free

Total Cost:

Total cost: 3,300

$3,000 + $300= $3,300

The Profit

  • Resale price*:    $300/device,

100 X $300=$30,000,

  • Less our cost: $30,000-$3,300= $26,700,
  • We Split resale revenue 50/50*:  

Total profit is $26,700/2= $13,350