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Having ICT asset distributed over multiple locations could increase the complexity of locating specific asset, knowing where your assets are, and knowing what assets are going to be retired soon and when.

The solution

We can help you track your ICT assets and plan for ICT equipment end of life by using our proprietary asset management system. By using our system, we can automate the whole process for you as explained below:

  1. We use our system to enter the details of all equipment planned to be e-wasted and expected dates for retirement.
  2. Our system will send us notifications of all equipment ready for retirement in advance
  3. We coordinate with you to pick up the ICT equipment
  4. We audit, data wipe and resale the ICT equipment
  5. We update the system for you to have full details of all your retired assets and their sale value


  • Data security
  • Getting the best resale value by selling retired equipment on their highest stock
  • Save on storage space
  • Efficiency
  • Best utilisation of your resources using an automated process