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Welcome to Our Company!

At Divers, we believe that finding personalized services is the key to success. It’s for that very reason that for the last 25 years, we have been developing, adjusting and customising our ICT lifecycle solutions to fit the requirements of the specific profile of our customers.

What we do: We help medium large organisations refresh, deploy, relocate, track, monitor, dispose, recycle and re-market any number of ICT equipment.

Our Customers profile

  • Medium to large businesses / organizations
  • Usually has multiple locations or large offices
  • Has a mix of IT and AV equipment
  • They aim to have an e-waste process with predictable results
  • They prefer fixed and fair prices to help them forecast and plan
  • To work with one partner that can provide full life cycle solutions for IT and ICT hardware equipment
  • Partner that has scalable resources to meet their changing and growing needs
  • Full control without hidden costs

If you think most of the above criteria fits your company profile, then you are at the right place just let us know what your ICT requirements are!

Our Process

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Our Promise to You

  • You will receive personalised services
  • All your queries will be addressed within one working day
  • Your job orders will be processed within two working days
  • You will have a transparent process using your client login to access and review your assets status
  • You will receive fair and competitive prices
  • There will be no hidden cost
  • For ongoing projects, we guarantee fixed prices
  • High standards of data security and confidentiality

We guarantee to find the best ways to reduce complexity and cost of managing your ICT assets

Our Goal

To reduce the complexity and cost of managing your large and diversified ICT assets.

How we do it:

  • Study your business’s ITAM processes
  • Identify your ITAM specific requirements
  • Provide customised solutions to meet your requirements starting from acquisition up to retirement
  • Use our proprietary logistics and reporting systems to provide in depth and comprehensive overview of your assets
  • Continuously improving our processes which were developed as a result of more than 25 years of experience


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