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Problems We Solve

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1. Complexity of managing large and diversified ICT assets

With so many new ICT assets and parts reaching the market every year, ICT asset management has become increasingly difficult to understand, categorise and track. Having detailed information of hardware and software inventory is extremely useful when making decisions on purchases and redistribution.

We can help you manage them more efficiently with our proprietary stock management system that helps with the reporting and movement of stock. This is available online so you can access information on your past and current stock at Divers Group.

We will reduce the complexity and aid understanding to save you time and money.

2. Lack of resources

Most company resources are dedicated to the core business functions, leaving limited physical, human, intellectual and financial resources to dealing with an ICT refresh (upgrades & replacements). An ICT refresh is a fairly length process that requires the purchasing of new ICT equipment, installation on-site and rubbish removal, installation of required software for company processes (imaging), asset-tagging for easier ICT asset management and tracking to removing old equipment off-site, securely wiping data before resale or e-wasting.

We can step in to help you buy the new ICT equipment, make sure it has installed correctly and get rid of the old equipment in the most cost-effective way for you. You can also ask us for a combination of these services if you already have some of them. Once a process has been customised for your needs and purposes, everything will be tracked, so you’ll know what exactly is happening.

3. High labour costs

Having to extend your in-house ICT team with the specialist skills can be particularly costly and time-consuming. You may also need to divert your current stuff from their usual roles, leading to decreased productivity.

We offer you our dedicated talents for a reasonable price so that you can focus on your core business functions. We’re fast too, to ensure that your ICT refresh can proceed as smoothly as possible.

4. Risk of data security

Companies end up storing a lot of sensitive data on their digital devices. Even a minor data leak could be fatal to a company. Sadly, data remains stored even with simple “deletes” and can still be uncovered using various methods. Even printers can store data if not properly reset.

We can fully remove all physical labels and other identifiers from your devices, which will be replaced by our asset tags for identification purposes. The data from any type of device can also be completely removed, and it will be untraceable even via forensic investigation methods. This will all be carried out in a secure environment.

Once data erasure is completed, we can provide the data wiping certificate. You can also have hard drives physically destroyed as well.

5. Lack of centralised storage

Centralised storage systems can help with inventory management and rapid deployment to anywhere in the country, even rural areas. Having a centralised storage can also help secure sensitive data together.

When it comes to warehousing services, our main job is to be accurate, responsive and cost effective.
Routinely we receive and store customers’ ICT equipment until instructed to deliver them. Those instructions will have different destinations, quantities and levels of urgency.

Divers has a proprietary sophisticated stock management system that helps with the control and reporting of inventory and the movement of all stock. Customers have secure 24×7 on-line access to information regarding their inventory at Divers.