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Divers Group’s Schools Benefits Programme

We believe that each business must add value to its customers, employees, and the wider community where it operates. Three years ago, Divers Group decided to support education and students as our primary areas to add value to our community. Since then, we’ve provided multiple work experiences to IT students, developed our internship programme for IT, Digital Marketing, and Business students. Divers Group participated as a member of the Advisory group assembled by WhiteCliffe college and NZSE to provide industry feedback to assist them in developing their new IT bachelor’s degree. But most importantly, we learned a lot from the students, listened to their ideas and provided them with an opportunity to showcase their talents.

Our new schools benefit programme:

We are launching our new and unique programme, The Schools Benefits Programme, run by our retail division (Tech Traders), to provide affordable options for purchasing IT equipment. However, our benefits programme does much more than selling refurbished IT gear to students and teachers at reduced prices. It will offset carbon emissions and minimise e-waste at the same time.

Transportation is responsible for more than 45% of total carbon emissions produced in New Zealand. At the same time, New Zealand is lagging behind other developed countries when it comes to e-waste. We decided to be part of the solution. We partnered with Carbon Click, created this unique programme and set a goal to offset the 1000,000 km car trip emissions in one year.

For every refurbished laptop purchased through this programme, we will donate on your behalf to offset carbon emissions produced by a 𝟓𝟎𝟎 𝐤𝐦.

By doing that, we will be part of the solution for two major issues in our community, carbon emissions and e-waste. Join our schools’ benefits programme today and be a part of the solution as well.


Our school benefits programme ( Techtraders) will do much more than selling refurbished IT gear to students and teachers at reduced prices. Instead, it will turn our members into environmental heroes  (E-Heroes).

The Benefits of Joining our School Benefits Programme

For your students and teachers

– Purchase A-grade refurbished IT gear with special prices.

Trade-in services: The option to upgrade their devices by trading-in them using Techtraders trade-in service.

For your school

– Receive a certificate summarising the total CO2 emissions offset by your business using our programme or receive a donation of $5 for every device purchased through your school.

– Reduce school expenditure associated with providing & maintaining IT devices to students.

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